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You won’t get any closer to your dive dreams than this! We set off, away from civilization, in the evening and wake up the next morning in a tropical paradise… Indescribably beautiful. Free from pressure and stress, it’s a completely different world.

A "Live aboard" dive-safari is something that can’t be described in words, but has to be experienced. With help of pictures or perhaps a video, we might be able to give you a taste of what’s to come!

You live aboard, eat amazing food cooked directly on the boat and have almost unlimited diving at some of the most beautiful dive areas in the world. The social atmosphere aboard is unique; friendly and other peoples experiences create comradeship in no time, and the Thai crew charm us all!

Seeing a group of strangers getting so close to one and other, like during a trip to Similan Islands, is amazing!

Viking Liveaboards dive-safaris to the Similan Islands are led by a Norwegian instructor with great local knowledge. He is often assisted by other Scandinavian dive-leaders. We do everything in our power to see to that everybody is happy aboard and ashore. Safety is our number one priority during the whole dive cruise.

The days start off with some fruit and biscuits during the morning dive-briefing. The morning-dive usually starts with a depth of 25 to 30 meters where the light is still reaching. From there we head slowly toward the surface to get a calm and easy ascent - meter by meter - all the while enjoying the fantastic aquatic life surrounding us. We are visiting a completely different world. Swimming in pairs, we have the inhabitants of this world with us the whole time. Reaching 5-8 meters we stop and relax as a swarm of different fish makes the safety stop a real experience.

When our heads pop-out of the water we are met by the scent of a waiting breakfast! Scrambled eggs, omelet, pancakes…

Similan liveaboard Thailand sunset

By lunch the course has been set for a new dive site. While we were eating breakfast our friends in the crew filled our tanks and we are ready for the next dive. Go go go….

We guarantee that when you get out of the water from a dive at Elephant Head Rock you will understand why this site is ranked among the ten best in the world. What a life!

Between dives we often go ashore on the inhabited islands. The rainforest is calling and a camera is a necessity! Who will believe you if you don’t have any proof of what you claim you have seen and experienced?

Diving in Thailand with whalesharks & manta rays!

Calm down! Even if we always hope to see sharks, it’s not going to be the guy in the picture above! Unfortunately we should say, since encounters with sharks an incredible experience. The sharks we come across are smaller species like Black-tip and White-tip.

But the greatest experience of them all, a dream for many of us, is to meet the whale-shark! Can you imagine a more fantastic nature experience? You dive in crystal clear water, the temperature is around 30 degrees C. Thousands of colorful fishes swimming all around. You’re just taking it easy and enjoying yourself - and then, straight at you comes a whale-shark!!! You feel your heart skipping a few beats. With gracious movements he closes in on you, and with the adrenaline pumping you swim to meet him. When you get real close he veers off a few centimeters so as not to hit you.

He glides past you and swims on a bit and then turns around and comes back! Again and again! Whale sharks love to play with us, and who knows, maybe the experience is as great for him as it is for you. Just think how nice and peaceful it is in the Indian Ocean where he lives; it can’t be everyday he runs into a bunch of colorful, good looking creatures like us! And he’s just a plankton feeder, so relax and enjoy!

There are many reasons to why Richelieu Rock and the Similan Islands are ranked among the 10 best dive-destinations in the world. Richelieu Rock is considered to be one of the best places on this planet to meet whale-shark.

Another fascinating animal to meet is the manta-ray, the devil-fish. But you will need a bit of luck. During Viking Liveaboards latest Easter trip a black manta-ray came up along side of us. We were thirteen divers who got a chance to play with this magnificent animal for more than 15 minutes. It swam gracefully among us, so close that we could touch it.

After this experience Simon gave a lecture on black manta-rays on sundeck. Can it get any better? What memories!!!


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