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Live-aboard Diving: Plenty of room for everyone

The Viking of the Orient live-aboard diving boat has four decks in total, each with a specific purpose. Guests and crew access all decks via beautifully designed spiral staircases.

The top deck is used as a sun deck and an outdoor salon, with over 175 square meters of usable space. Here the boat has guest seating for outdoor dining and relaxing or playing cards, as well as mattresses for those of you who can't get enough of the sun or who at night, love to gaze at up at the starry sky. The deck is big enough for a helicopter hoisting area in case of a truly serious emergency.

The upper deck is where you will find the main salon and another outdoor area for lounging. The salon, like the rest of the vessel, is all decorated using beautiful wood crafted by master carpenters. This is where the buffet meals will be served, and just outside is another bar where freshly made eggs are served up every morning to compliment the breakfast buffet. Inside you'll find a state of the art entertainment system with theatre surround sound, CD, DVD, video and 34 inch screen television for full enjoyment of your underwater shots. The diving briefings are conducted here using the built-in white board. The plates and dishes are washed by machine using the latest German technology to keep them clean and shining and available 24 hours a day.

Just forward of the salon is the wheelhouse and owner's cabin. The boat is equipped with the latest in modern navigation and safety electronic equipment.

The middle or main deck is where you sleep and the cabins are just steps away from the dive platform. She has a total of 10 double cabins with large bunk-bed accommodation, and two owners' cabins. All cabins are en suite and feature panoramic windows and access to a mini balcony overlooking the sea. The bathrooms have sinks and vanity mirrors with soft, built-in downlights. The showers have hot and cold running water. Western style toilets are standard throughout. The air conditioning system is based on two large Carrier Marine versions offering you the best possible comfort in your cabin. Each cabin also has electrical outlets for laptop computers or charging batteries.

The crew and diving staff, consisting of up to 17 members, have their cabins on the lower deck. The well stocked medical room is also on the lower deck. This is also where the engine room, compressors and generators are located. Our huge galley, large enough to cater to guests and crew, electrical systems and air conditioning units are also found here. The air conditioning system is central, using one of two massive units and ducted into each area of the boat. The system is designed so that if one unit fails, the other will kick in automatically, keeping you and the crew cool at all times.

Doing It in Style

One of the first things you'll notice when climbing aboard is the attention to detail in the design of the various rooms on the Viking. Polished wood adorns the walls and decks, and all of the built-in furniture is beautifully crafted. All counters in the bathroom, cabins, and bars are made of solid wood. The food service counters feature hand-carved designs and ornamentation. Boats using this type of construction are few and far between these days due to the high cost of the wood and lack of craftsmen, and no expense has been spared to make you feel comfortable, pleased - and dare we say proud - of your surroundings. The lighting has been deliberately planned down to the last detail to show off the wood and to be easy on your eyes. It's all in the details.

Doing It Safely Too

Safety at sea is something most guests take for granted, but unfortunately it's not always something taken seriously by the owners, particularly in Asia. Norwegians take their safety at sea earnestly, learning the importance of this from their offshore oil and gas operations, and designing most of the equipment used in this industry. The Viking features watertight doors, escape hatches and outside access from everywhere on the boat, including the cabins. All safety and emergency equipment is SOLAS approved, meeting international standards. She is equipped with more than 100 SOLAS life preservers and four life rafts also for more than 100 persons, emergency transponders and automatic satellite distress transmitters. All cabins and other rooms on the boat are fitted with smoke and fire detectors. And, there is plenty of Oxygen on board for dive emergencies if they occur. A full safety briefing is conducted on departure of every trip and each diver is issued with a "safety sausage" or inflatable signaling device in case you drift away from the dive site or the boat.

Making the Diving Easy

The three four and five meter rigid bottom inflatable dinghies will make getting to and from the dive sites easy and convenient. Two of these dinghies are made in Europe according to the highest safety standards, being SOLAS approved rescue dinghies.

The scuba tanks are filled rapidly so you don't miss out on any diving. They are filled quietly as well as the compressor is located below decks. The dive deck has been designed with comfort and convenience in mind with tank racks and plenty of suiting up area and storage for your personal equipment. Each diver will be assigned his or her own station and gear will remain set up during the entire cruise. Tanks are filled at this station, so you never have to worry about moving your equipment except to get in the water, and the caring crew will help you with that. Personal gear is stored at your station in intelligently designed boxes, and wet suits are hung up to dry on our custom rack. Cameras are stored apart from your personal gear on special camera shelves, and out of the air-conditioned areas to avoid lens fogging. There are showers for a quick rinse after the dive.

Join the Viking for a Trip of a Lifetime

M/Y Viking of The Orient will prove to be one of the best liveaboards operating in Thailand and Southeast Asia. The owner and crew have worked hard to deliver an outstanding product. With beautiful cabins, a huge interior salon, lots of areas to soak up the sun, and engineering and safety considerations all thought out thoroughly, cruises aboard the vessel will be easy, relaxing, fun, safe, and extremely comfortable. Join the Viking for a cruise you'll never forget.


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