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Liveaboards cruises in Thailand, Phuket and Similans
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Enchanting Encounters - Exotic Island Destinations

What makes the islands of South Thailand one of the most uniquely enchanting adventure marine playgrounds in the world? When you consider the diversity of tropical islands, exotic marine life, warm, calm seas, inexpensive gourmet food, friendly people, a rich and deep culture, you may fall in love with these magic Islands.

The word "Thailand" in the Thai language means, "land of the free." Thailand is the only country in South East Asia that has never been under the control of a European country. Even today Thailand enjoys political stability, making it a safe destination for Americans and Europeans alike. All you need is your passport. You'll get a 30 day tourist VISA at the airport.

Thailand's dive sites have the diversity without great distance between them. Within a few minutes cruise, you'll find entirely different geological formations from sandstone to granite, gentle slopes to boulders, giving rise to wildly diverse marine life and terrain.

Life On-Board

Between dives, enjoy a panoramic view of emerald-turquoise seas as you pass sheer cliffs of Sea Mountains fringed with jungle from the air-conditioned comfort of your teak cabin with private bath. You can stay in touch with family and friends in our Communications Cabin with 24-hour Internet access and telephone. Watch a dive video in the salon. Spend a quiet moment on a cushion on the upper deck under the stars or the sun. Relax with a Thai massage with our massage lady. Should someone become ill or injured we can treat them in our Medical Cabin.

Quality Time

The Viking is designed with many different public areas, which could accommodate more than 24 guests. We did this so that our guests could find a spot outside their cabin for some quality time - alone or together.

Getting there is half the fun. On your way to your next dive site, sea mountains fringed with jungle, sheer sand stone cliffs: red, beige and green, rise four hundred feet out of aqua marine water nearly clear as air. Diving or snorkeling you may encounter a gracious, friendly, giant 4-ton whale shark or a family of elegant 3-ton manta rays gliding in enormous arcs around you in waters off uninhabited islands, wanting to play a friendly game. Turn off your dive light and create your own underwater fireworks display, simply by waving your hands "igniting" the bio-luminescent algae.

More Color at Deeper Depths

We have found that the near equatorial sun combined with the clear water of Thailand, offers more color at deeper depths, than you'll find diving in Hawaii or the Caribbean. Geologically older than Hawaii or the Caribbean, the coral gardens grow to enourmous proportions. This coral growth is also due to the remoteness of our dive sites - they have not been damaged by pollution or too many divers diving too often. (We are grateful these dive sites are now protected as a national marine park.)

Year Round Diving, Snorkeling and Kayaking Adventures

From our base on Phuket Island, we are within cruising range of world-class diving destinations famous for diversity and rare marine life. We follow the good weather. Cruising the western waters off Phuket Island during the months of November through April. During May through October, when the monsoon rains dominate the west coast of Phuket Island and Andaman Sea, we cruise the sheltered waters of the Phi Phi Island Group and the islands off the east coast of Phuket Island, Phang Nga Bay and Krabi.

Flexible Itineraries

We'll modify our itineraries as needed during the cruise, in light of - visibility, currents, weather patterns, and the location of giant creatures in the vicinity, to ensure you have the best experience possible.


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